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VPmap Series bridges the gap between raw mapping material and geographical information systems. Georeferencing, image correction, data reduction and interactive or automatic conversion: withVPmap Series you can avoid the tedious procedures associated with traditional digitizing most elegantly and efficiently.

VPmap and VPmap pro provide professional interactive tools to create and edit spatial data and attribute information from scanned maps for transfer into GIS. Simply convert raster maps into vector-based maps, utilize intelligent attribute-definition functions, and add individual attributes. The VPmap Series is targeted at GIS applications, mainly to transfer scanned maps into ArcGIS (ESRI), MapInfo, Autodesk Map etc. Thus, VPmap Series products contain GeoTIFF, Shapefile SHP, and MIF support for import and export explicitly to and from any common GIS platform.

Raster Conversion:
VPmap Series imports almost any raster file format. Just scan your maps, or use satellite images as the first step to build up your geographical information system (GIS). Both products support easy, interactive tools to vectorize and recognize outlines and even reduce the color depth by intelligent color handling. In addition, VPmap pro offers functions for automatic vectorization and symbol recognition.

High Precision Calibration:
Exact and high-speed calibration is essential for digital map processing. VPmap Series offers multiple options for se-lecting the most suitable method: polynomial or triangular, full manual control or automatic input support, import coordinate values, assign point positions from a reference source or select a map projection.

Color Reduction:

Without any losses colors and color areas can be combined directly. Also, extract information from colors most rapidly: single colors or color patterns can be separated and exported individually.

VPmap Series supports georeferencing options with a full set of GeoTIFF settings. Having defined a coordinate system, map projection, and datum, all objects, raster and vector, will contain accurate placing information on export.

Attribute Determination:
VPmap Series features sophisticated ways to simply recognize shape-based geometrical information and convert them to geographical attributes of entities. In addition you can define or import your own attribute tables and fill them interactively. Geographical Information

VPmap Series enables quick input of attribute-based queries. Results will be visually displayed in the image or drawing.

VPmap Series offers export to the most common GIS systems, like MapInfo, ArcGIS/ArcInfo, or Autodesk Map. Raster information will be exported as well as entities and their attributes.

One Product includes Two Licenses:
While the stand-alone installation provides fast execution of operations and easy handling, the installation with AutoCAD, Autodesk Map3D gives the possibility to simultaneously running VPmap Series with other AutoCAD applications. VPmap Series provides these options in just one license - even running at the same time!


Input Formats:
   Raster: TIF (Uncompressed, Group 3, Group 4, LZW, Packbits), GeoTIFF, PDF, MrSID, ECW/ERS (ER Mapper), JPG, JPEG2000, EDMICS, CALS Group 4, BMP, GIF, PCX, DCX, PNG, IG4/IGS/RLC (Image Systems), Intergraph Raster, TGA, G3/G4/RNL (GTX), Sun Raster, BIL (GeoSpot), GIS/LAN (ERDAS), GOE (NOAA/NEDIS GOES),
Core IDC, VIF, Landsat/NLAPS FAST-7
   Vector: DXF, DWG, DGN, HPGL/2
   Hybrid: RVD (softelec native format), RasterDWG, CGM
   GIS: RVD (softelec native format), SHP/E00/GEN (ESRI), MIF/MID (MapInfo)

Raster File Size: No real file size limitation
(16 million pixels in either direction)

Export Formats:  
   Raster: TIF (Uncompressed, Group 3, Group 4, LZW, Packbits), GeoTIFF, PCX, PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, CALS Group 4, Intergraph Raster, IGS/RLC (Image Systems), EDMICS
   Vector: DXF, DWG, IGES, DGN
   Hybrid: RVD (softelec native format), RasterDWG, CGM, SVG
   GIS: RVD (softelec native format), SHP/AEP (ESRI),
DXF/DWG (Autodesk Map 3D), MIF/MID (MapInfo)

Scanner Support: TWAIN
Direct Large Format Scanner Interface

Raster Functions: Automatic clean-up / deskew (b/w and color)
Hybrid editing: raster like vector!
Exact rubber sheeting, georeferencing,
Splitting, Mosaic-Picture-Creation
Improve raster quality: smoothing/thickening/thinning
Merge raster files with positioning, scaling, rotation
Color reduction, color separation, color unification/filling

Attribute Assignment: Definition and pre-setting according to geometrical object properties (e.g. position, area, etc.)
Extensive attribute management (SQL based)

Interactive Tracing: B/W or colored lines and contours (line, spline, polyline)
One-click recognition & conversion of areas into polygons

Automatic Raster-to-Vector Conversion:
(VPmap pro only)
Centerline, Outline (Contour), and Mixed Vectorization, Vectorization Wizard for Easy Settings,
Recognition of: Lines, Polylines, Circles, Arcs, Ellipses, Arrowheads, Hatches, Text (OCR),
Classification of Linetypes (e.g. Dashed, Dash-Dotted, etc.) and Line Widths,
Sorting of Recognized Entities into appropriate Layers
Symbol Recognition

Minimum System Requirements:
   Hardware: Pentium CPU, 256 MB RAM, HDD 50 MB free
   Operating System: Windows® 98, ME, NT4.0, 2000, XP

We have been pleasantly surprised at the success of Softelec Softwares. It truly meets a need in the marketplace. It has been embraced by end users and dealers alike.

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