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VPindex is the first-class solution for bringing any kind of scanned drawings into EDM (Electronic Document Management) or database systems. In batch mode you can process even thousands of documents automatically. A comprehensive setup "Wizard" will guide users through the following steps:

  1. File selection by directories and wildcards.
  2. Definition of title block templates, incl. cell names.
  3. Definition of an individual "task list", e.g. despeckling, rubber sheeting, rotation, format convertion etc. and Indexing (optíonal text recognition) of title block cell content.
  4. Data transfer to an existing database/Document Management System by ODBC
  5. CD creation
  6. Renaming of files, incl. text from index information
  7. Quick control review of recognized index data before exporting to destination


Any raster file Single file or selection by wildcards, directories

Raster Edit:
Auto/manual despeckle, deskew, window cut/crop, Fill holes, smooth, rotate, mirror, invert, Automatic rubber sheeting, Auto-rotate according to title block position, Cut to paper format

Title Block:
Wizard-guided title block template definition Definition of cells within these title blocks Recognition (OCR) of cell content, or parts of it

Batch Operation:
Automatic raster edit, according to "task list" Locating title block in drawing Retrieval of title block data (Indexing) Convert raster file, if necessary Save raster file to archive Save/append index data to database

Raster file in desired format Raster file name in desired format Title block content to database and/or html Review of index data before export to database

Data Base Export:
ODBC compliant (Access, MS SQL, Oracle, Excel, etc.) ASCII delimiter formats (CSV) HTML for review and protocol

We have been pleasantly surprised at the success of Softelec Softwares. It truly meets a need in the marketplace. It has been embraced by end users and dealers alike.

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