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PenMapGPS-RTK is the first rugged Tablet PC with fully integrated RTK GPS. Providing ultra high precision GPS positions in a single compact unit with full graphics display and intuitive pen interface.

It has the biggest sunlight readable colour screen in the smallest lightweight water resistantunit possible. The geographic world is best described graphically, so the PenMapGPS-RTK provides a platform where all of your special data is visible at all times. The large 800x600 SVGA screen provides a brilliant display in all lighting conditions.

The PenMapGPS-RTK is a full Tablet PC fitted with the latest Ultra Low Power Pentium processor from Intel and comes installed with full Windows 2000 or XP. Super efficient Lithium Ion batteries provide the unit with a long battery life while keeping its weight down to the same as that of a Pocket PC. A 20GB hard disk provides ample storage for digital maps, plans and even satellite imagery.

This is a precision GPS system. Real-time positional accuracies of 1cm are easily achievable. The unit contains not only an integrated GPS but also a Pacific Crest digital radio and a Bluetooth system. The Bluetooth system allows the GPS to communicate via cellular GSM phones to differential networks and the Internet.

PenMapGPS-RTK is the first "Plug and Play" GPS system without the "plug". This is because there are no cables to plug in, the systems integration and unique configuration allows for the elimination of cables.

Its flexible GPS system design allows it to work all-on-the-pole, or with the detail pole separated from the GPS. Either way the system is lightweight and adaptable for all environments. The detail poles unique one piece folding design means that the PenMapGPS-RTK never needs to be removed and the system can be set-up in seconds.


The PenMapGPS-RTK system has the most complete set of surveying and GIS software available. Extremely self explanitory and user configurable the PenMapGPS-RTK software provides a multitude of functions for use in applications from standard surveying to custom application areas.

Many computerised survey systems are based upon the use of digital coding for data collection. However, such systems have a major drawback; since you work on a small screen entering numeric codes, you do not see the drawing you are creating until you return to your office and upload the data to a CAD system. Consequently, there may be occasions when vital survey details have been missed or entered incorrectly. These facts become immediately apparent upon return to base. Unfortunately, you have no option other than to revisit the site to survey the missing elements. This exercise can be both time-consuming and costly.

Working with PenMap software and GPS is a totally intuitive experience. When data from a GPS Rover is supplied to PenMap in real-time, the user sees the "You are here" cursor and the data points are digitised via the simple tap of a pen as the user moves about the site.


4 Channels (L1/L2)
Precision 1cm RMS
Data Rate 20 Hz
Time to fix 30s (hot)


Pen computer interface
400Mhz Ulta Low Power Pentium Processor
Full 800x600 SVGA screen (Sunlight readable)
Windows 2000 or XP for Tablet Computing
20 GB HD
512 MB Ram
Penmap Software for Survey and GIS
Lightweight (<4 kg)
Digital Radio Integrated (Pacific Crest)
8 hour battery life
Removable Battery
Battery Charger


Use real points on real maps, not just codes
Traverse, Free Stationing and Geodetic Computations
Intuitive and easy to use
Full GIS interface
Operates with most Total Station


 • Surveyors
 • Engineers
 • Utilities
 • Cadasteral Surveys

We have been pleasantly surprised at the success of Penmap Softwares. It truly meets a need in the marketplace. It has been embraced by end users and dealers alike.

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