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 Clinotronic Plus
   Clinotronic Brochure

The +CLINOTRONIC PLUS+ provides a measuring capacity of ± 45 degrees or alternatively ± 10 degrees respectively ± 30 degrees. Four precisely machined exterior reference surfaces assure accuracy and repeatability of measurements in any quadrant. Selected by push-button, any units suitable for inclination measurement may be applied to the display. Even slope indication based on a relative base of selectable length is possible. Simple push-button operation automatically sets absolute as well as relative zero.

The RS 485 interface allows the connection to other WYLER instruments or directly to a PC using a special cable. All indicated values are, by interpolation of calibration values stored, computed prior to display. If required, an integrated calibration mode may be actuated in order to replace the stored calibration data. For this purpose, the +CLINOTRONIC PLUS+ ± 45° must, with the aid of suitable equipment, be accurately inclined, using 5 degrees. steps over the range of ± 50 degrees. The measuring principle is based on a friction free suspended disc of mass weighing less than 1 gram. Two electrodes together with the disc supported between them, represent a differential capacitor.

Changes of capacitance resulting because of disc displacement when the unit is inclined, are detected by counting the frequency and after suitable evaluation are displayed in the selected units. Completely friction free pendulum supports in conjunction with displacement damping by gas provide excellent accuracy in respect of repetition and hysteresis as well as rapid availability of values. The latest version of the reliable inclination measuring instrument comes with a number of new interesting advantages.

The most important of them are:

* Newly developed aluminium housing, hard anodised, with heavier walls for more stability. Fulfils the strict CE requirements (Immunity against electromagnetic smog)

* Completely new sensor cell in the reliable "SEAL-TEC“ technology for excellent performance even in difficult environmental conditions

* The measured values are sampled 5x faster than the predecessor

* No loss of calibration data by power failure (e.g. changing of batteries)

* The existing Clinomaster can be used as before for +CLINOTRONIC PLUS+ ± 45° only)

* Powered by standard 1.5 V batteries allowing cost efficient reliability all over the world

* Various connecting possibilities to a PC. Up to 5 m with cable and special adapter (Simple software is needed, e.g. Terminal program), more than 5 m a Wyler T/C can be used with cable and RS232 connector (Software LabVIEW can be used)

* All the well known functions remain the same such as e.g.: o Easy zero-point adjustment o All kind of different units displayed o Absolute and relative measurement

* As options magnetic inserts and threaded holes are available

The following measuring units may be selected:
mm/m (2 Dec) 00.00 mm/m   Milliradian 00.00 mrad
mm/m (4 Dec) .00 00 mm/m X   Milliradian 00 00 mrad X
Inch/10 Inches .00 00‘‘/10“   Deg (2 Dec) 00.00 °
Inch/12 Inches .00 00‘‘/12“   Deg (4 Dec) .00 00 ° X
Deg/Arcmin 00° 00‘   mm/rel.Basis 00.00 mm/m
Arcmin/Arcsec 00‘ 00‘‘ X   mm/rel.Basis .00 00 mm/m X
GON / Neugrad (2 Dec) 00.00 gon   Inch/rel.Bas .00 00‘‘/10“
GON / Neugrad (4 Dec) .00 00 gon X   artillery per mille 00 00
X = Unsuitable setting for the +CLINOTRONIC PLUS+ 45° and 30°
Measuring range ± 10 degrees ± 30 degrees ± 45 degrees
Calibration /
Built-in software
21 setting points manual
25 factory set calibration points
Settling time /
Value available after
ca. 1 Sec ca. 1 Sec ca. 1 Sec
Resolution /
Depending on units set
<1 Arcmin + 1 Digit <1.5 Arcmin + 1 Digit <2 Arcmin + 1 Digit
Interface RS 485, asynchr., 7 DataBits, 2 StopBits, no parity, 9600 bps
Power supply with batteries
    • OPTION
1 x 1,5 V, size AA / 130 ... 150 hrs
1 x size AA 3.0V MnO2-Lithium / 300 hrs
Dimension Housing + Net weight 100 x 75 x 30 mm / 500 g
Temperature range
    • Operating
    • Storage
0° to +40 °C
-20° to +70 °C
CE conformity
    • Emmissio
    • Immunity
• fulfils: EN50081-1 / EN50081-2
• fulfils: EN50082-1 / EN50082-2
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