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 Calcomp CAD Pro

Productivity is critical to CAD designers. With the CADPro small-format digitizer and TemplateWorks™ productivity-boosting software, power and performance are incomparable. The optimal desktop size and programmable pointing devices provide a comfortable environment and enable the swift execution of commands. Using CADPro and TemplateWorks, the demanding CAD professional will produce high-precision, quality designs—faster

• Compatible with Windows and Mac platforms.
• Industry’s highest resolution and accuracy at 4,000 lines per inch / 150 lines per mm resolution and accuracy to ± 0.008 in / 0.203 mm with standard configuration.
• Ergonomic, programmable 16-button cursor.
• Cordless transducer options—5-button mouse, click tip pen, pressure tip pen and Lite Touch pen
• Easy set-up and configuration—no power supply, plug-and-play design, easy-to-install driver, RS-232 and USB interfaces.
• Complete with TemplateWorks software—the CAD productivity tool.
• Programmable button macros and tablet mapping for speed and efficiency

• Platform Support PC and Mac
• Hardware Interface RS-232 and Universal Serial Bus (USB) standard

• Software Drivers Microsoft Windows 95 Serial (Wintab™ compliant) Microsoft Windows NT Serial (Wintab compliant) Microsoft Windows 98 Serial & USB (Wintab compliant) Microsoft Windows Millennium Serial & USB (Wintab compliant) Microsoft Windows 2000 Serial & USB (Wintab compliant) Microsoft Windows XP Serial & USB (Wintab compliant) Mac OS 9.x USB

• Resolution 4,000 lines/in (150 lines/mm) More Information Features What's In the Box Models Specifications Brochure [PDF]

• Accuracy ± 0.008 in (0.203 mm) with standard configuration
• Proximity 0.4 in (10.16 mm)
• Baud Rate Up to 38,400
• Data Rate Up to 200 coordinate pairs per second
• Technology Electromagnetic
• Output Formats CalComp Advanced Function Technology (AFT)
• Operating Modes Prompt, point, run, line, track, increment, mouse, delta, and grid update
• Power Supply None required
• Power Requirements = 6mA (RS232); = 25mA (USB)
• Certification FCC-B, DOC-B, VCCI Class B, EN55024:98, EN55022
• Operating Temperature +50 to +104° F (+10 to +40° C)
• Storage Temperature -40 to +158° F (-40 to +70° C)
• Humidity Range 0 to 95%, noncondensing
• Operating Altitude Up to 15,000 ft (4,600 m)
• Storage Altitude Up to 50,000 ft (15,200 m)
• Warranty One Year.

Active Area 6x9 in (152x229 mm)
Width 12 in (304.8 mm)
Height 11.25 in (285.8 mm)
Depth 0.6 in (15.24 mm)
Weight 1 lb (0.45 kg)




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