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Bookeye 2 Plus


Bookeye® 2 plus: basic technology for the digitisation and storage of cultural artefacts and archived documents.

Robust. Simple. Productive. Those are the outstanding strengths of the Bookeye® 2 plus systems. With an installation base of over 1,500 systems around the world, the Bookeye® 2 Color systems lead the field in the
book and overhead scanner market.

The latest generation, "Bookeye® 2 plus", combines proven features with state-of-the-art technology in one single system.New use of the latest generation of NEC CCD linear cameras. The Bookeye® 2 plus systems are low-noise and produce in no time in combination with special Rodenstock scan lens excellent quality images.

New use of dimmable lamps. They reduce energy consumption and considerably increase the user friendliness.

New retrofitting option for the Bookeye® 2 plus systems. The competitive Bookeye® 2 plus A3 gray scale model can be retrofitted to meet new requirements. It is easy to upgrade up to an A2 and color system. This is made on site, while 100 % productivity is granted.



Highlights Bookscanner Bookeye® 2 plus

- A3 and A2 oversize  
- 400 x 600 dpi optical resolution  
- noise reduced images  
- UV- and IR-free dimmable lamps  
- integrated glass plate  
- 1 GBit network interface (TCP/IP)  
- capturing software BCS-2®  

Growth Path Bookscanner Bookeye® 2 plus

The system grows to meet new requirements. A3 changes into A2, gray scale changes into color.  

Overview of originals

  • Colored architectural drawings
  • Colored wiring plans
  • Advertisements and originals
  • Colored periodicals and newspapers
  • Books
  • Maps and drawings
  • Atlases
  • Old manuscripts
  • Specialist reports incl. photographs
  • Quality control and documentation
  • Graphic drafts
  • Books for labs

Overview of functions

  • upgradable scanners up to A2 format
  • precise Rodenstock scanning lens
  • 80 mega-pixel resolution per color channel
  • auto focus / automatic format recognition
  • UV- and IR-free cold-light lamps
  • high service life of lamps
  • BCS-2® capturing software with the following functions:
    • page separation
    • indexing
    • masking
    • cutting
    • deskew / despeckle
    • bookfold correction
    • e-mail connection
    • PDF conversion
    • Web publishing
    • OCR
  • output formats:
    • multipage TIFF, Zip, PCX, BMP, GIF

Technical Data

Bookeye® 2 plus GS (Grayscale)

  • for A3: BE2-P-SYSGS-N3
  • for A2: BE2-P-SYSGS-N2

Bookeye® 2 plus Color

  • for A3: BE2-P-SYSCL-N3
  • for A2: BE2-P-SYSCL-N2


H x W x D in mm 880 x 685 x 673

weight in kg (including packaging):

25 (38)

electrical connection:

  • Voltage: 110-230 V
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Output: 250 VA
  • Lamps: UV- and IR-free cold lamps approx. 3000 Lux

format of originals:

  • maximum W x D in mm for A3: 450 x 320
  • maximum W x D in mm for A2: 610 x 432


  • Resolution in dpi: 200, 300, 400, 600
  • Scan time in sec.
    • A4 portrait: 1,5
    • A3 landscape: 2,2 sec
    • A2: 3 sec
  • color depth (internally / externally): 1,024 / 256 (grayscales) and 30bit / 24bit (Color)
  • interface/protocol 1,000 MBit network / TCP/IP
  • Software BCS-2®

Options & Accessories

  • manual book cradle
  • additional keyboard
  • newspaper smoother
  • foot switch
  • copy card reader
  • Mando furniture

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