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Full-featured office post-processing software for high-precision geodetic and surveying applications with convenient user interface.
Solves wide range of practical surveying tasks using advanced scientific approach.

  • Advanced post-processing:
    • Baseline and session processing of zero-differenced GNSS data.
    • Automatic removal of trivial baselines
    • Direct estimation of ionosphere, troposphere, and satellite/receiver clocks.
    • Uses global meteorological dataset to improve processing.
    • Uses ITRF control points to make processing more robust.
    • Calculates baselines up to 2000 km at the centimeter level of accuracy.
  • Network adjustment:
    • Minimally constrained network adjustment of baselines and/or session subnets.
    • Fully constrained 1D, 2D and 3D network adjustment with vertical and/or horizontal control.
    • Allows merging control points and processed session subnets from different projects for their common adjustment.
  • Quality control for each step of data processing:
    • Quality statistics for satellites and receivers.
    • Graphical analysis of phase and pseudorange data residuals.
    • Performs statistical tests to reject data outliers and get realistic accuracy estimates.
  • Internet download-manager:
    • Unattended and explicit downloading of IGS and CORS data for over 7000 worldly distributed stations.
  • Coordinate systems:
    • Extendable database with over 3000 global, national, and local coordinate system definitions, including transformation parameters and geoids.
    • Coordinate system editor for editing and adding new ECEF, horizontal and vertical systems.
    • Calculator to transform coordinates between two arbitrary coordinate systems.
  • Reference points catalogs:
    • Storing and editing control point coordinates.
    • Obtaining high-accurate coordinates for permanent reference stations by given region from Scripps Epoch Coordinate Tool and Online Resource.
  • Antenna library:
    • Extendable antenna library that includes IGS and NGS absolute and relative antenna calibration parameters, phase center variations, and physical dimensions.
  • Background maps:
    • Detailed background maps covering the entire United States from the national level down to detailed street networks (TIGER data).
    • World maps of any location on Earth with common geographic features.
  • Mission Planning:
    • GPS, Glonass, Galileo and SBAS satellite availability.
  • Reporting:
    • Editable report generation (Excel document) for all steps of working on a project.
    • Support project notes and processing/adjustment logging.
  • Modern user interface:
    • Uploading and processing data with minimal interaction.
    • Advanced user can manage internal data flow by explicit request.
    • High-quality visualization, reporting, and printing.
    • Multilingual support: English, Russian, and Spanish.
  • Data protection:
    • Projects and point catalogs can be encrypted to protect business data.
  • Typical applications:
    • High accuracy static and fast static surveys.
    • Creating local control networks.
    • Monitoring of permanent networks.
    • Easy and precise ties to high-accuracy ITRF frame (IGS/CORS stations).










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