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10-10-2006 : Colortrac Announces ALL NEW SmartLF Gx 42 Large Format CCD Scanners
29-09-2006 : EJ Motiwalla Show SmartLF At Penang
13-01-2006 : For immediate release: The new Colortrac SmartLF CX40 Scanner
15-08-2005 : Affordable Survey Software", New Straight Times
30-07-2005 : Launching of Carlson Software, A Success!, The Star
04-06-2005 : Our Advance Surveying Technologies at TCIS Terengganu Showcase 2005
00-00-0000 : EJ Motiwalla as an authorized Carlson software reseller


St. Ives, Cambridge, UK 13th January 2006

Colortrac unit sales grew by 60% in 2005. Can they do better in 2006 with the NEW SmartLF Cx 40? In September 2004 Colortrac launched the SmartLF 4080 range of wide format scanners and rapidly established itself as the world-wide market leader for CIS (contact image sensor) scanners. Last year, SmartLF 4080 was the driving force, creating new markets for large format scanners and Colortrac achieved 60% unit sales growth year-on-year.

January 2006 sees the launch of the 4080's successor - SmartLF Cx 40.
This brand new wide format scanner looks very similar from the outside, retaining the 4080's compact and lightweight design, however, under the skin things are very different. New features for Cx 40 include; 600dpi optical resolution, 48-bit colour data capture and the advanced, 2+4 all-wheel-drive 'Active Paper Transport' (APT) system. Colortrac has adopted the dynamic normalisation application (DNA) used in its high-end CCD colour scanners that, combined with the 48-bit data sampling, improves the shadow and highlight details of images and provides far better tone recognition. With high scan speeds, and other detail product enhancements, the SmartLF Cx 40 is pushing the top of the wide format scanner features league, but retains its affordable price tag.

New scanner floor stand accessory options for the SmartLF Cx 40 include; a PC and Flat screen mounting kit to create an integrated 'scan/copy station' that improves scanner mobility and reduces the system footprint, a paper catch basket and a 'Universal Repro Stand' (URS). The URS is height adjustable allowing the scanner to be positioned above a large format inkjet printer in a multi-function copy / scan / print system.
The SmartLF Cx 40m monochrome model starts at just $7,500 and the top of the range colour express model is less than $10,000. Cx 40 provides a choice of 1 monochrome and 2 colour models, all represent great performance and excellent value for money. SmartLF Cx 40 wide format scanners start shipping throughout Europe in January 2006, with roll-out to North & South America and Asia planned for February and March.
Colortrac Managing Director Graham Tinn says, "SmartLF Cx 40 is the first in a sequence of major new Colortrac large format scanner product launches planned for the first half of 2006. Cx 40 is a worthy successor to the tremendously successful SmartLF 4080 scanners and is vital to our goal of expanding the market for wide format scanner applications."

Colortrac announced in December 2005 the formation of a new subsidiary manufacturing company in China, Colortrac Imaging Systems (Suzhou) Ltd. The new company will produce the major electro-mechanical assemblies of the SmartLF Cx 40 scanners before final assembly and QC at its factory near Cambridge UK.

Other Source: http://www.colortrac.com


Experts in the field of Geomatics & Reprographic Systems, E.J. Motiwalla were present at the International Symposium and Exhibition on GeoInformation hosted by the University Sains Malaysia (USM) last month at Penang in Malaysia. Abuli Motiwala, Naela, Mr. Wong Choong Fong (Sales) and IT execs Alan and Ravi attended the very popular exhibition. Scanner interest came mostly from lecturers and the Department of Survey and Mapping (JUPEM) Penang who liked the price, specification and portability of the SmartLF. EJ Motiwalla also showcased the following technologies: Geographic Information System (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS), Field Computing, Carlson Explorer with Data Collection with SurvCE and other Carlson products, Softelec VPStudio software, Penmap Ruggedized Field Computer and its software, TOPOBASE and our special Colortrac Wide-Format Colour Scanner. For other geomatics instruments, we will include Pentax Total Station, MDL Laser technology, Suunto compasses & clinometers, Ushikata Tracon compasses & Xplan Area Culvemeter and other high-tech wristop computers that will surely meet your business goals at a very affordable prices.

Other Source: http://www.colortrac.com/newsletter/October/october.html


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KUALA LUMPUR: Syarikat E.J. Motiwalla launched a slew of survey, land mapping, engineering and road-design solutions from Carlson Software Inc of Maysville, Kentucky, into the local market last week. Its managing partner, Abuli Huseini Motiwala, said the products are targeted at government, civil engineering, road construction, geographic information system, and land survey sectors. The products are Carlson Survey 2006, Carlson Field 2006, Carlson Roads 2006, Carlson SurvCADD 2006, Carson SurvNET, Carlson SurvCADD GIS and Carlson SurvCE. “Survey 2006, Field 2006 and Roads 2006 come with a licensed AutoCAD engine, while SurvCADD runs within AutoCAD,” said Carlson Software Australia director, Michael Manning. That makes the products fully compatible with AutoCAD 2006, 2005 and 2004 drawings and avoids cumbersome DXF transfers, he said. As its name implies, Carlson Survey is a complete survey solution; Carlson Field is a data collection tool within AutoCAD which works with most brands of distance measurement and Global Positioning System equipment. Carlson Roads combines the pipe, sewer and road design capabilities from SurvCADD with the AutoCAD engine and can read and write in LandXML file formats for transfers of design data over the Internet. SurvCADD is an engineering and surveying software for design, construction and survey offices; SurvNET is a network least-squares program which automatically works out the mean of all horizontal and vertical angles including slope distances. SurvCADD GIS is an office software for complex GIS projects while SurvCE is a Windows CE-based data collection software for land survey professionals using real-tile GPS and distance measuring terminals like the Windows CE-based Carlson Explorer II handheld terminals running SurvCE. Some of these solutions run on laptops, allowing surveyors and engineers to design their maps and layouts in the field and to submit them directly to clients over cellular networks. For pricing and other information, call Motiwalla at (03) 4257-7786, fax (03) 4256-2922 or e-mail motico@tm.net.my. You can also visit www.carlsonsw.com and www.ejmotiwalla.com.

Other Source:
• Charles F. Moreira, "Motiwalla Pushing Carlson Software", The Star Online, July 30, 2005.
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KUALA LUMPUR: US-based Carlson Software has launched its latest survey software called Carlson Survey 2006 for small survey and engineering firm. Carlson software Australia's director Michael John Manning said the software is a classic win-win solution as it incorporates core AutoCAD and SurvCADD features at an affordable price. "AutoCAD is a dominant computer-aided design software for engineering and surveying but it is sometimes beyond the reach of small firms. With the availability of Carlson Survey 2006, it makes it more affordable for small firms to own a software products," he said. Aimed at the Government sector, construction and geographic information system and surveys, the company is targeting 30 to 40 licenses of the software for the next 12 months. Carlson Survey 2006 has the capability to read and write AutoCAD DWG and DXF Files as well as convert all RAW field data format for reduction purposes. Other software that were launched included Carlson SurvCE, Carlson SUrvCADD 2006 and Carlson Roads 2006 For pricing and other information, call EJ Motiwalla at (03) 4257-7786, fax (03) 4256-2922 or e-mail motico@tm.net.my. You can also visit www.carlsonsw.com and www.ejmotiwalla.com.

Other Source:
• Shubashini Silvaratnam, "Affordable Survey Software", New Straight Times, August 15, 2005.
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Kuala Terengganu -- EJ Motiwalla exhibited once more its high and superb surveying technologies from its advance orienteering gadgets to its fast and efficient reprographic systems. The exhibition was held in conjunction with Mesyuarat Pegawai-Pegawai Kanan JKR Malaysia at Terengganu Trade Centre (TTC), in Kuala Terengganu dated 4th to 8th of June 2005.

EJ Motiwalla showcased complete range of geomatic instruments & systems, surveying, photogrammetry, GIS, GPS, remote sensing, forestry supplies, drafting office equipments, digital reprographics system, data conversion, CAD/graphic media, electronic document management system (EDMS) and more.