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You can measure the water level without the earthed line. You can avoid the the stickness to the pipe as the tape is narrow and thick made glassfiber as its material. You can measure the water level smoothly as the sensitivty is adjustable against various kinds of water. You can test the wire breaking with its unique test function.


Tape Material: Glassfiber (Copper Wires at the tape edges) Tape
Width: 6.2mm Tape
Thickness: 1.9mm
Graduation: 1cm throughout on one side
Case: ABS
Probe: Stainless
Power Source: UM-3x2 pcs
Battery Life: Approximately 24 hours in consecutive use
Accessories: Batteries/ Taper Strap (Standard) Special Belt on your back (optional)
Weight: 2kgs (RWL50M), 3.1Kgs (RWL100W)
Designed and Programmed By: Joe Paul Paned, Phils