The ForestAce® is a simple yet powerful tool for positioning and measuring attributes in the forest. This highly versatile hand-held instrument can also be simply upgraded from 2D to 3D and then be used for Mapping, Stockpile Surveys and interfaced to GPS. The ForestAce® is lightweight and is powered by just 2 AA cells. A range of further accessories and software is available for other applications. The ForestAce® is based upon MDL's LaserAce® 300 technology.

Based on the highly successful MDL LaserAce® 300, the ForestAce® not only has 2 and three point heightening routines but also has extra firmware which functions for remote calculation of tree diameters and trunk volumes.

Using a simple telescope with vertical graduations, the tree is “framed” between any two stadia hairs and the laser is fired. The diameter of the trunk at that point is calculated and displayed. Sight two further points on the trunk and the height and volume of timber between the two points is also calculated
Products Benefits
• Durable construction - Long life & reliable
• Ergonomic design - easy to handle
• Red dot scope - easy to aim in all light conditions
• Multi function modes - easy to aim in all light
• Accessories available - adaptable for multi-role options
• Environmentally resistant to IP65 - suitable for use in most conditions
• RS232 data I/O - fast external data collection or integration with GPS receivers
• Lightweight 600g - easy to carry
• 300m reflectorless range - less walking plus increased productivity

Uses & Functions
• Distance to targets
• Bearing and elevation to targets
• Heights of large objects
• Widths between targets
• Slopes and gradients
• Areas and volumes
• X, Y & Z coordinates
• Perimeter distances

• Remote Distance Measurements
• GIS Data Acquisition
• GPS Offsets
• Utility Asset Mapping
• Microwave Path Surveys
• Face Profiling
• Stockpile Measurements
• Accident Reconstruction
• Environmental Monitoring
• Forensic Surveys
• Ground Surface Modelling
• Forestry Management