Leica DISTO™ D8
  The versatile one for in- and outdoor
NEW: The most versatile laser distance meter in the world! Equipped with a digital Pointfinder, high-resolution 2.4“ colour display, 360° tilt sensor and bluetooth® technology, the Leica DISTO™ D8 is a real world first and offers completely new measuring options.

    360° tilt sensor
   The combination of angle and distance measurements allows you to
   determine distances where conventional methods fail. The horizontal
 distance, for example, can also be determined quickly and efficiently past
 obstacles or the elevation of a tree, even though there is no reflective

    Digital Pointfinder
    Thanks to the digital Pointfinder with its 4x zoom and high resolution
   2,4“ colour display, you can measure long range distances quickly
    and easily because you always see your targeted point.

   With integrated BLUETOOTH® technology, measurement results can
   be wirelessly and accurately transferred to Pocket PCs and PCs.Thus
  you step.can easily process your data in Excel®, Word®, AutoCAD®
   and other programs.

    Free software
   The delivery package contains the transfer software “Leica DISTO™
  Transfer” – easy to install and with automatic updates. The AutoCAD®
   plug-in additionally allows convenient planning and drawing with your
   AutoCAD® software.

   Details displayed
  Additional information about the measurements, e.g. room dimensions or
  angles, is available at the touch of a button.



Features & Advantages

Features Your advantages
Measuring range of 0.05 m / 0.16 ft up to 200 m / 650 ft; typ. accuracy ± 1.0 mm / ± 0.04 in Precise, quick and reliablemeasurements
BLUETOOTH® Error-free and quick data transfer to Pocket PC or PC
“Leica DISTOTM Transfer” software is included Easy transfer for further processing in Excel®, Word®, AutoCAD® or other Windows-based programs
 AutoCAD® plug-In Measure vertical angles up to ± 45° at the touch of a button
360° tilt sensor Measure any slope, even overhead
Digital Pointfinder with 4x zoom and high resolution colour display Convenient measurement of distant objects, even in bright sunlight
Indirect measurement functions with tilt sensor Determine distances to objects that cannot be measured directly because they lack reflective points
Height profile measurements Determine spot heights and ground profiles