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Simple 'all-in-one' heighting, diameter & log volume instrument with data storage.

LaserAce® Hypsometer (a Pocket Series Instrument) was designed to help foresters easily and efficiently measure the height of a tree, its diameter (at any height on the tree), simple or ‘taper’ log volumes and tree lean.

This multi-role capable instrument is simple to use with selectable modes to suit the required role, these include: * Measuring reflectorless ranges up to 150m/ 500’ * Brush filter mode (for use with reflective tape) * Critical range gating for area plots * Heighting (with built in inclinometer) * 2-Point height & lean measurement * 3-Point height measurement * Diameter measurement * Log volumes * Plot sampling

LaserAce® Hypsometer incorporates an onboard multifunction computer. This computer stores results (up to 2000 trees) for later viewing and or downloading to PCs or PDAs using its onboard Bluetooth® (or RS232) data link. Providing users with a cableless data storage out in the field. The internal ‘forestry’ software automatically carries out mathematical calculations for instant field results.

For diameter measurement, the LaserAce® Hypsometer incorporates specially designed (x 5 magnification) stadia hairs. During operation, these (numbered) stadia hairs are used to bracket either side of a tree trunk. On firing the laser, the user can determine the correct diameter of the tree. The unit has been designed for simple, effortless use – point-and-shoot technology. No need for bulky accessories, targets or responders. Simple ‘all-in-one’ heighting, diameter, lean and log volume instrument, affording users considerable cost savings on field operations.

The Right to the Light Bill

2005 saw the approval of the ‘right to light’ bill in England and Wales, targeting instant remote non-contact hedge heighting. Since the laser system is a camcorder sized handheld laser measurement tool, which does not require bulky cables or reflective targets to get measurements, its perfect for planners and forestry departments to measure without entering private property and requires very little training. The unit is easy to use with just point and shoot capability! Restormel Borough Council in Cornwall were the first council to purchase the LaserAce® Hypsometer for this particular application - hedge heighting. They will also be using the tool in development control applications and planning enforcement cases. Tracy Young, Restormel’s trainee planner comments “LaserAce® Hypsometer is a handy tool and will come in useful for many height issues. The unit will also be used for other problems such as measuring the heights of walls and buildings to check if they are within the building plans therefore we can resolve issues instantly. Its so easy to use!" LaserAce® Hypsometer is lightweight, pocket sized, affordable and easy to operate. The system has a large data memory and a ‘Bluetooth®’ data communication module (as well as RS232) to make tree survey data transfer to PC computers a breeze!

products Features

* Class 1 eye safe laser distance meter (IEC / FDA)
* Passive range upto 150m/ 500ft
* Range to reflector 600m/ 197ft
* Typical accuracy 5cm/ 2"
* Resolution 1cm/ 0.4"
* Measurement time 0.3 seconds

* Operating temperature -10°C to +45°C
* Water & dust resistant (IP63)

* Type: Accelerometer
* Range -70*° to + 70°
* Accuracy 0.1°C at 0°
* Resolution 0.1°

* Data I/ O: Bluetooth® or RS232
* Weight: 400g/ 14oz
* Dimensions: 110mm x 100mm x 50mm/ 4.33" x 3.94" x 1.97

* Contactless measurement of objects
* Height, distance, diameter, lean and log volumes in ONE unit
* Provides an efficient way of measuring forests
* Little or no training
* Novice or expert use
* Reduces survey time
* Light and easy portable
* Forester can measure to inaccessible or dangerous areas
HYPSOMETER applications
* Forest surveys
* Tree heights
* Tree lean and volume measurements
* Tree volume calculation

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