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 Haglof Mantax Precision Caliper

With its new design and adjustable and removable jaws in bright blue, visible colour, the Mantax Precision will be great for diameter measuring in any environment. The Mantax Precision Blue calipers have a wide variety of applications for measuring of standing trees, logs, timber, in fishery industry and wildlife management to measure shellfish and turtles, and also in the healthcare industry to measure BMI.

The Mantax is made of lightweight aluminium. Choose from a large variety of scale options, from 40 cm up to 127 cm, inch graduation, cm/inch combo or circonference with digits that will not wear off even after years of daily use. We can also offer custom-made scales upon your specified request.
• Injected moulded aluminium jaw
• Light weight adjustable jaws
• Large and visible figures for long-lasting use
• Non-reflective aluminium beam
• Various graduation options
• Lengths from 40cm up to 127cm
• Metric graduated
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