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 Haglof Vertex III

To cover the demand for a simple, low cost, useful and reliable instrument for height measuring, Haglöf Sweden has developed the first electronic clinometer of its kind. The Haglöf Electronic Clinometer, smaller than a box of matches and as easy to use, presents exact height and angle results from any known distance in the instrument display, eliminating the problem of error calculations and misreading. Measuring heights has never been as quick and easy as it is with the Vertex III. With this pocket-size hi-tech instrument, you will obtain the accurate measurements you need in a safe and fast way, and by using minimal efforts.

Vertex III-60 – fasten the T3 transponder to the tree at any height, walk a distance of your choice and measure up to six different heights on the tree.
• Easy to hold steady for accurate results
• Strong and sealed Aluminium housing
• Omni-directional – allows you to walk 360° around the transponder
• Large graphical display
• Superior Quality Swedish Design
• Only 1 1.5V AA-cell battery required.
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Designed and Programmed By: Joe Paul Paned, Phils