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 Haglof Computer Caliper

By using the Mantax Computer and your custom software, you can store the information that you need on each and every object in the forest. The result will be a full overview of your assets, with money to save and money to earn for you – and less time spent earning it!

Practical applications:
– Timber Cruising
– Log Scaling
– Harvester Calibration.
With hundreds of software options the Mantax Computer is the world´s Number 1 selling computer caliper. The main parts of our Mantax Computer Caliper softwares are developed for cruising and log scaling. The Mantax Computer will store the data in different lists, easy to shift between for fast and simple handling. Information such as land-owner and buyer, date, coordinates, road distance, costs, latitude/longitude, angles, sample trees, ages, diameters, heights, qualities can be entered. Based on the gathered information, the Mantax Computer will calculate volume, costs, average values, … and any other important data you need.
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