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"Hand-Held Electronic Altimeter-Barometer"

The Escape203 is the first model in Suunto's category of hand-held electronics. It features an altimeter and a barometer with various memory functions. The Escape203's accuracy and good usability in all conditions makes it an ideal companion for climbers, boaters and outdoor enthusiasts as well as for professionals.

Altitude Range -1,600 to 29,500 ft. (-500m to 9,000m) Min.
Accuracy ±10m, ±30ft
Min. Grad. 3ft./10ft., 1m/5m (user defined)
Temperature Range -5° to +140°F
Range 8.9" to 32.40"Hg. 300 to 1,000mbar.

The altimeter shows the current altitude, vertical gain or loss from the start of a hike or climb, as well as vertical ascent and descent rate

Up to 20 altitude points can be stored in memory for later review

The one-logbook memory stores total vertical ascent/descent for the log, maximum and minimum altitudes reached during the activity

The barometer memory automatically stores the barometric pressure and temperature, maximum and minimum values

Normal watch functions: time, date, weekday

Water resistant

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