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The Dart XL 300 blueprint machine is designed for moderate to heavy production of all ammonia-developing products. The Dart XL 300 is a three lamp machine offering printing speeds up to 640 m/hr (35 fpm) and a print width of 1200 mm (48 in.) The developer features a ceramic coated roller for maximum developer life. The Dart XL 300 model can be purchased as a tabletop model or with a mobile stand featuring a sling-type print catcher allowing convenient front access that requires no adjustment for roll stock or different size cut sheets. A 50 meter (50yard) roll storage compartment is also available with a built in paper cutter.

The print development can be controlled by a dual range automatic vapor pump system that can be switched from the normal position, suitable for most applications, to the high position for volume printing, specialty products, or simply to increase the usable life of the ammonia supply. Specifications for the complete Dart series are below.

Print Speed 21ft/min (384 m/hr) 21 ft/min (384 m/hr) 35 ft (640 m/hr) ® Print Width 32" (812 mm) 48" (1200 mm) 48" (1200 mm) Shipping Wt. 55 lbs. (25 kg) 92 lbs. (42 kg) 197 lbs. (90 kg) ® Dimensions 108Wx14Hx46D cm ® (42.5"x5.5"x18") 158Wx14Hx46D cm ® (62"x5.5"x18") 158Wx18Hx51D cm ® (62"x7"x20") ® Electrical 1-100 VA fluorescent lamp ® 120V 50 or 60HZ 4 amp ® 220V 50 or 60HZ 2 amp 1-150 VA fluorescent lamp ® 120V 50 or 60HZ 6 amp ® 220V 50 or 60HZ 3 amp 3-150 VA fluorescent lamps ® 120V 50 or 60HZ 8 amp ® 220V 50 or 60HZ 4 amp.

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