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With porro prism design and anti-reflection coated lenses and large light throughput these binoculars are intended primarily for marine use. An individual focusing function that, after adjustment for your individual eyesight, gives you the freedom to directly focus on a desired object without manual focusing! Perfect in rough seas. Rugged, robust and of course waterproof. If you should be unlucky enough to drop them in the water, ETERNA Marine II will float!Protective cover in signal yellow plastic.

Weight : 930g
Dimensions: 190x190x60mm
Warranty: 2 years
• Waterproof, nitrogen gas filled
• Individual focus function. After initial adjustment, they need no further manual adjustment for your use.
• Magenta anti-reflection coating for reduction of UV/IR stray light
• Very good night vision
• Extended eye relief for wearers of glasses
• Will float even without neck strap!
• Extra wide neck strap with pocket and lens cleaning brush

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