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The six-lamp Executrac HP blueprint machine is available in two high production models. All produce commercial quality reproduction using any ammonia developed diazo media at printing speeds up to 45/fpm (832m/hr) and up to 51" (1 300mm) wide. The Executrac HP model is designed for the lowest ammonia emissions possible for a large six-lamp blueprint machine. It is equipped with a heated ammonia dissipator plate, and sealed ammonia supply system and Ammonia Arrestor System. The Executrac HP can be purchased as a tabletop model or a console model with sheet storage and and roll storage as well as built-in paper cutter and print stacker as shown at top right.

All DiAZiT machines use finest precision glass cylinders. This is the most efficient way to insure proper contact between the original and print for crisp, clear copies every time ® All DiAZiT models contain corrosion resistant developer systems for long trouble-free operation. Multi-lamp models also contain a long life ceramic coated developer roller ® Multi-lamp models are equipped with a lamp pack for easy removal and replacement of the instant starting, very high output super diazo lamps. These lamp packs offer convenient, simple cylinder cleaning.

Print Speed: 45 ft/min (832 m/hr) | Print Width 51" (1300 mm)
Dimensions: 77"W x 51"H x 31"D (186 x 130 x 79cm) Electrical 6-150VA fluorescent lamps 120V / 60HZ 12 Amp | (220V / 50HZ 6 Amp.

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